Q). I’m a game developer/development studio looking for a publisher to help get my game out there; can you guys help?

A). Absolutely! Drop us an email or Skype us and let’s talk about your game.

Q). Are you guys hiring?

A). Yeah! Drop us an email with your resume.

Q). I have a game idea; can you guys fund it?

A). We literally have hundreds of game ideas so no, we can’t fund yours.

Q). Where can I purchase GeniusEmpire’s merch?

A). Click “SHOP” in the About section.

Q). Can I use your logo on my website?

A). Please tell us how it will be used and we’ll decide then.

Q). I/we run a website dedicated to APPs; can you offer me/us an exclusive for profiling your company?

A).  We’re definitely open to the idea. Email us with the details.

Q). Who owns GeniusEmpire Corporation?

A). Robb Entertainment Corporation owns 51% and a consortium owns 49%.

Q). Do you guys sponsor events?

A). Yep! We sure do. Let us know what you have in mind.

Q). Can I/we interview you guys?

A). It depends on what the interview is about. Email us with the details.

Q). I have more questions; how can I get in touch with you guys?

A). You probably saw this coming; email us.


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